online  training

Our training plan is 100% custom-made, personal and tailored to your needs. We set an annual, flexible and objective-based planning. week after week, considering your availability, we'll adapt your training  based on what you need and what you can handle.

We work with tools like Training Peaks, WKO5, best bike split... etc. because professional software helps the coach to fully individualize the rider's training process.

You will have your Training Peaks user account so that we can analyze how your workouts are being executed. Training can't be a PDF or excel, for us it is necessary to be able to compare what was planned, with what is actually happening and for that you need dynamic systems.

Online does not mean distant. No barriers to communication; we will be availabe via phone, Whatsapp or email, we will be there for whatever you need. In fact, we would love you to come by our Madrid studio and get to know each other with  good coffee, so we can get off to a good start.

The more feedback we get, the better... so we can adapt the training as much as we can.

Our goal is to produce the maximum adaptations with the minimum possible stimulus, enjoying the essence of cycling.

95€/month - cycling

145€/month - triathlon

(two coaches)


Tu entrenador de ciclismo a un solo paso
¿Sabias cuales son las principales diferencias de entrenar online con Watts Lab? 

  • Comunicación ilimitada, por cualquier canal; WhatsApp, teléfono, email...etc

  • Test de condición física presencial incluido

  • Programa de entrenamiento de fuerza a medida supervisado presencialmente

  • Posibilidad de 1 entrenamiento mensual en el club

  • Rutas sociales y eventos privados

  • Usamos las mejores herramientas para el control y análisis del proceso de entrenamiento