Watts Lab was born with the aim of "democratizing" high-performance training tools for cyclists of all levels.

Why? Because training is not only for professionals, but for all those cycling lovers who do not have time to train. Since you're short on time, let's optimize the time you spend training efficiently and effectively. It's not a matter of spending moretime training, it's about training better.

We are the first "cycling boutique" in Spain. Our studio in Madrid is a space for cycling fans whatever discipline you may practice; road, mountain, cyclocross, triathlon, btt, track, bikejoring, enduro, downhill... Etc.

We are obsessed with quality of service and customer experience, we choose the best training methods in cycling and triathlon to be able to use them with any cyclist of any level  both online and face-to-face training



Come train at Watts Lab studio and enjoy all our equipment* and technology. Breathe science, training and fun with us.

Every day you will find a different training program for you to improve. Experience our training method and try the "Ride of the Day"

You can book your wattbike or Tacx Neo roller through our own app.

You will also have a strength training custom-made to fit your needs.

You will be a member of the yoofit fitness club, so you can enjoy all its services (pilates classes, spinning, bodybuilding, cafeteria... etc and 2h free parking) 

*Up to 15 workouts/month, wattbike or Tacx roller.