"It's impossible not feeling joy when you are riding a bike"

I spent years working in all operational areas, from technical director to head of innovation and training of Spain and Portugal in a multinational company of the fitness sector.


Then, the right time arrived, the time in which the level I reached of both professional and personal maturity allowed me to create something powerful, to which I dedicate all the passion and care in the world.

From that mixture of my love for cycling, passion for training and obsession with constant improvement, Watts Lab was born.

My goal as the founder of Watts Lab is to create a space 100% focused on the whole training a cyclist may need.


As a trainer,my aim is to adapt as much as I can, minimizing stimulus, focusing on enjoying the essence of cycling

David Noguera

Misión Watts Lab


Democratizing high-performance tools to deliver personalized high-quality training service ensuring constant improvement and sticking to the cycling practice

Visión Watts Lab


Become Spain's cycling training reference centre

Valores Watts Lab



Quality: A custom-made service to suit the needs of each cyclist. one cyclist, one training plan

Science: Studying and updating training theories are the core pillar to offer the best service.

Enjoy: The first goal, bonding. Let cycling always be a fun activity.