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We are a company 100% focused on cycling training. At Watts Lab any bike lover is welcome, whatever their level and discipline may be, Road, Mountain, BTT, Cyclocross, Triathlon, Track, Enduro, Donwhill, XCO... because we just love our bike.

Watts Lab was born with the aim of democratizing the tools of high performance and putting them within the reach of any cyclist, because we understand that training is not only for professionals, but for all those cycling lovers who want to enjoy their hobby and  want to optimize the time they have to train. Because it's not a matter of spending more time training, it's about training better.

You've probably come this far because you want to improve your performance, either to get your sporting challenge, to go faster than your friends, to try to get on a podium or just because you want to enjoy more of your bike being in a better way, in this case, Watts Lab has the cycling coach you were looking for. 

Wellcome to the Watts Lab space, your space.


    Biketraining in Madrid is complicated: lack of time, weather, cars...

    Watts Lab helps you solve this problem with his unique and individualized service plus the latest technologies applied to training.

    Come visit us and meet our trainers, live our cycling altmosphere and test all our technology

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    We help you achieve your goals with our customized online plan.

    A good cycling coach is not one who just designs good training plans, but one who analyses what's going on in your current situation and compares it to what should  to get better results so he can  make the right decisions.
    Find your own custom-made plan  within our cycling  programs

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    The same concept as Cycling Studio, in a small format and offering the same quality. Your cycling training with the best tools, wherever you may be.


    We are currently in an expansion process, so we are hoping  you will be able to have a Watts Lab center very close, very soon!

    access to find out where we are!

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